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Friday, February 10, 2006


Today is the start of the Knitting Olympics, and I'm not sure I'm ready to cast on! I still need to finish my Cheesylove, which takes priority because of my goal to finish it in time for Valentine's Day. I spent Tuesday night on the tedious task of picking up stitches for the neck (everyone know how much I love that. Please note the sarcasm). Now all I really have to do is finish the sleeve cap and sew the sleeves to the body, but this project has proven to me how much my seeming skills need to be improved. Of course major seeming for the first time with black yarn was probably not the best choice. It makes it so hard to see what you are doing! My plan for this afternoon is to get my physical therapy over fast so I can get home and get those sleeves done. With any hope, I may be able to cast on for the Danica Scarf by the time the opening ceremony airs on the West Coast at 8:00.

I'll keep you updated!


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