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Friday, December 09, 2005

Today is my last day in the Real World for a while. I'm having foot surgery on Monday, and will have to stay at home for a few weeks. That means no work. Oh no (please not the sarcastic tone in my typing).

I know I'm probably going to be in pain, but even that is better than the stress of work. My company has to be the most dramatic place in the world, with some sort of crisis or drama going on everyday. I'll still be working a little at home, but hopefully without all the people I'm usually surrounded by, things will be a little better.

And of course being at home so much, with an excuse not to help with the chores or cooking, gives me plenty of time to knit (and catching up with DVD TV seasons). I broke down and bought yarn for the Knitty Tubey sweater, so as soon as I get done with my Christmas knitting, I can make something for myself. I promise I'm going to finish this one, and hopefully the sleaves for my Hourglass Sweater too. I'll keep you all updated on the progress.

See you again when the painkillers wear off!


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