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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Back from the Drug Haze

Today is my 10th day of confinement after my surgery. Laying in bed for days on end is not as great as it may sound. Luckily the surgery went well and most of the pain is gone. I can even hobble around on the post-op shoe they gave me to wear. Now I just have to manage swelling, which means that on days like today when my toes get fat and uncomfortable, I have to be less mobile than I want. And it also means that my Christmas gifts will stay un-wrapped for another day.

Fortunately all this lying around has given me time to get some great knitting done. I managed to finished five scarves for my co-workers. Unfortunately, these are the only two pictures I could take before the batteries in my camera died. I had to get them wrapped before I could wait for the batteries to recharge.

This first one is made from Lion Moonlight Mohair.

This second one is Lion Homespun and has cables. I love making cables! Too bad they don't show up very well in this picture.

I didn't get a photo of my favorite, which was made with Lion Suede, but I loved it so much I may have to make on for myself.
Now I've started on the Tubey sweater. I'm a little scared because I am using the dreaded Alpaca again. Last time I knitted with a similar yarn (the Tivoli Tee in Knit Picks Elegance) it stretched about three sizes bigger when I washed it. This time I washed my swatch and it didn't stretch at all. Maybe the fact that this yarn also has wool helped it to retain its shape. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that once I get this one done and wash it that it will not stretch. Right now it doesn't really look like much, but I'm getting ready to start on the stripes on the arms, so hopefully by next post I'll have something cool to show you.
Until Later, Happy Knitting!


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