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Monday, June 20, 2005

Weekend Update

This past weekend was so busy!! I think I'm still recovering. But first of all, I want to say a big thanks to my secret pal for the box of goodies she sent. I'll be posting pictures of the package later this week.

On Friday night I threw a surprise party for my Hubby for his birthday at the Belmont Brewing Company in Long Beach. We tricked him by sending out a fake Evite, to which all but two of our friends RSVPed that they couldn't come, so he was shocked when we showed up at the restaurant and 20+ of our friends were there. I think he enjoyed himself. In fact I know he did because he was very hungover the next morning. For anyone out there near Long Beach, I definitely recommend the Belmont Brewing Company for dinner. The food was great and the prices are very reasonable.

On Saturday night, we took my mom and my MIL to dinner and then to see Wicked as their mother's day gift. They seemed to enjoy it, even more so because neither one of our fathers would want to do something like dinner and a musical. The show was good, but not quite as good as when we saw it on Broadway. I think mostly because Kristin Chenoweth who played Glinda on Broadway was so much better than the actress in the touring cast. Of course Kristin left the show to go on to make movies, like Bewitched.

After sleeping in a little on Sunday, we went to my in-laws for a father's day/birthday (my hubby and my FIL) BBQ. It was nice to relax a little, and we spent some time playing cards out in the backyard. The June Gloom is finally clearing up, and now it feels more like summer.

Of course I had my camera at all these events, but didn't take one picture. Oh well. In knitting related news, I finished the One skein Wonder shrug, and wore it to Wicked on Saturday night. I'm starting on a second shrug to wear to my college reunion this weekend. The first one I made was still a little small, so I think I may go even one more size up for the next one. I also attempted to start the Drop Stitch Shawl from Knit Picks. Has anyone out there tried that pattern? I think I followed the instructions correctly, but it looks nothing like the picture, and I don't understand how to unravel the stitches after the shawl has been knit to create the fringe. If anyone out there who has tried this pattern can offer some advice on what I might be doing wrong, I would appreciate it.

Mondays stink, but I should actually get some work done this morning.



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