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Monday, June 27, 2005

Presents and Reunions

I'm trying to multitask by posting this and watching reruns of Sex and the City. I love that show! I can't believe I never watched it while it was on, but thank goodness for reruns. Although I have to hold out and watch the episodes when they air on HBO, not when they're edited on TBS.

It's picture time again, so first off, presents from my pal.

She sent a very cute, mini purse, a knitted bookmark, a little tin of Altoids, some great smelling lime soap, and index cards. I can always use something to make my yarn shopping notes. Not only did she send the great gifts, but I also get her friendly e-mails a couple of times a week. Thanks pal!

Also, pictures of my two finished One Skein Wonders.

Actually, each shrug took two skeins of yarn, but both were still under $20! I haven't taken a good picture with them on, but you can kind of see the red one in this picture here.

This is me, my DH, and my good friend and former roommate before our college reunion this past weekend. The reunion was so much fun. I saw a few people I was close to in college and haven't seen in years, and also had the opportunity to chat with some people I had always seen around school but never really knew. It was also nice to be part the "kids" again. As the class of 2000 we were the youngest there, and I think my friend and I lived up to being "kids" by getting really drunk. Needless to say, I spent all day in bed yesterday trying to recover from my hangover. Every time I tell my DH, "This is the last time, I'm getting too old for this" but this time I am serious. He is great though, and always takes care of me when I'm suffering from this self inflicted torture.

One last picture from the reunion of me and my DH.

Remember this picture here?

I posted this first a few monthes ago, and I think this will be my next project. I've got the yarn and everything, so why not? I'll keep you all updated when I start.

Time to get back to concentrating on Sex and the City. Until later, Happy Knitting!


  • At 5:23 PM, Anonymous anmiryam said…

    Cute OSWs! What is this next project and where is it from? It's really interesting and I've never seen it before, and that's saying a lot!

  • At 1:55 PM, Anonymous gwen said…

    lucky girl! those are great gifts!


    I can't wait to see your next project finished!


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