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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Half Way There

Thank God we are almost halfway through the week. Work has suddenly slowed down dramatically, and I'm trying to find creative ways to spend my time here. I am definitely the type of person who needs to be constantly busy.

It was my poor hubby's birthday yesterday, and we spend a good chunk of the evening at the doctor's office, and then at the pharmacy because he didn't feel well. Luckily he had an infection which should be taken care of pretty easily with antibiotics and nothing more serious. It's a good thing the big celebration took place last weekend before he was feeling sick. He really wasn't having a very good day. He also lost his expensive sunglasses, and then didn't hear from his best friend, who is living out of the country, but should have called regardless.

I have officially become One Skein Wonder shrug obsessed. I'm close to finishing my second, and bought more yarn off of Ebay yesterday for a third. I guess it's because the pattern is so easy and quick to knit, and it's definitely the right season for shrugs. By the time I post pictures, I should have two completed to show off. What will be next? I'm thinking of the Minisweater, also from Glampyre, but then again, maybe I will finally get back to my Color On Color scarf. I really love those projects that satisfy my need for instant gratification, and the Color on Color is a project that requires a lot more patience and attention. I just need to get back into the mode of working on it a little at a time.

I hope everyone out there is having a pleasant week. Until later, Happy Knitting!


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