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Thursday, June 16, 2005


The One skein Wonder shrug has been frogged, and almost completely re-knit again. I got a lot accomplished this afternoon. I had to drive my dad to his appointment to have surgery on his eye, and spent a few hours in the waiting room with nothing to do but knit. I'm sure some of you out there are aware of the earthquakes we have been having in California this week, and another one hit today. It was while my dad was in the operating room, and thank God, the doctors had just finished the surgery and were bandaging his eye when the earthquake hit. I can't imagine what might have happened if they were still operating. I don't know what would happen if my dad lost some of his eyesight. My mom doesn't drive, so who knows how they would get around! They both too young to become house bound.

I looking forward to Friday, and a busy weekend ahead. A birthday party, a trip to the theather, and a father's day BBQ. I'll have to post a report on Monday.

Have a great weekend!


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