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Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I have been crocheting a shawl all this week. I forgot how much quicker it is than knitting, and also how much more it hurts!! Much larger wrist movements are required, and I tend to get stiff wrists quickly. But maybe the pain is worth it because of the speed. I started the shawl on Saturday, and I'm over half way finished. It's a pattern that gets smaller as you go, so I expect to finish in no time. I don't usually seek out croceht patterns, but this one I made an exception for because I really liked it. I'll post pictures this weekend, and all of you out there can continue the "What Color Is It Really" debate. I bought this yarn because I thought it was the color I wanted. Then when I looked at the label at home, the color name was completely different than the color I thought I was buying. I asked my DH what he thought the color was, and he told me that of course it was the same as labelled. No one else I have shown it to has been able to come to a conclusion either. You all will have to help me solve the mystery.

That's all for now. I should get back to getting some acutal work done.



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