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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Bad Blogger

I have been a negligent blogger this week, but of course I have excuses. The first being that I am being that I was forced to move my cubicle last week. This is the fourth time I have moved in the four and a half years I have been with the company. This has to be the most ridiculous move yet. The whole department is being moved over one row. I'm beginning to think that they move us once a year just as a tricksy way of making us all clean up our desks.

The second excuse I have for not blogging is that planning this bridal shower for my friend has taken all my free time. The shower is this Saturday, so I should be able to reclaim my life after that. I'm just so stressed because I want everything to be perfect for her. At least only 20 of the 40 people that were invited are actually attending, so I can breath a little easier. I'm also grateful that my hubby has offered to cook for the shower (he is definitely the better cook). I'm sure I'll have pictures to post of the party after next weekend.

On to some actual knitting related content. First, a big "THANKS" to my secret pal, Gwen. Gwen you are awesome!

She sent me six balls of Rowan Kid Soft, several sweater patterns to give me inspiration for the yarn, and this cute little flower she knitted herself. The flower looks so great with the yarn that I may have to make it into a pin that I can attach to whichever sweater I make. So again, thanks pal! You really made my first Secret Pal experience enjoyable.

I also have this picture of my Flower Basket Shawl. I've finished the 6th repeat of the second chart. Unfortunately I missed a yo in the last row shown here, and had to unknit about half a row. I think I made a little mistake, so I'll have to see how goofy this row looks once I get a little further along. I am somewhat of a perfectionist, but have come to terms with the fact that not everything can be perfect, and most likely no one will notice a small mistake.

Last, I will leave you with this cute picture of my bad babies.
The seem like they hate each other, but I caught them sleeping like this the other day, so I suspect it's all an act.


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