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Monday, April 18, 2005

Parties and Purling

I think I'm still recovering from my wild weekend. The Bachelorette Party! We had sun, swimming, Sex in the City, and drunken craziness. Palm Springs was great, and the house we rented was perfect for the occasion. On Saturday night we went to the Casino Morongo for dinner and dancing. The food at restaurant was delicious and the Desert Rain club was packed and so much fun. I highly recommend a trip there if you are ever in the desert. I'm glad that everything went perfectly, all the girls got along, and the bride had a great time. Here's some pics.

Our Own Private Pool
Me with the Bride
My little wrist purse I made worked perfectly for the occasion. It was the perfect size for dancing and because I could wear it around my wrist it was out of the way. Unfortunately when I unpacked it yesterday I noticed it was really snagged. I vaguely remember through the drunken haze that it might have gotten caught on the rhinestones and pearls on my top. I guess I'll have to do a little repair work on it. Overall I was really happy with the outcome, especially since it was my own original design and something other than a square or rectangle. I think when I repair it I'll cut the beads off the ribbon they are attached to and sew them onto the purse again in individual strands. It's a lot of work, but will look so much neater than it does now.
Party Purse and Matching Camera Case
I did find something to do with all my Yarn of the Month samples. Another camera case! I'm looking into getting a new cell, so I'll have to make a cover for that too. I asked Matt if he wanted one for his phone, but he politely passed.
Camera Cozy
And last, this is what became of the Honeymoon Cami.
I'm actually surprised that the yarn stood the frogging so well. There was one tangled piece that I had to cut out, but the majority of the yarn is still workable. I'm going to delay starting it again because the air conditioner in my building is already cranked up to it's chilly summer temp, and I want to prepare by making the Flower Basket Shawl. I've been using my Clapotis to combat the cold, but it would be nice to have some color variety.
I think I'll go cast on for the shawl now. Toodle-Loo!


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