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Monday, March 21, 2005

A Few More Rows

Well I guess I managed to squeeze in more than just a few more rows of knitting over the weekend. However, I did manage to drop a lot of cash fulfilling my Maid Of Honor Duties. I told my husband that I can't even add up how much money I've spent so far on this wedding because it's making me panic. I have to just do it for my friend and not think about it. I think I've spent over $300 on the clothes alone, and haven't had my alterations done yet. Then there is the Bachelorette party I have to throw and the shower for 40 people!! Yikes! At least everyone is chipping in on the Bachelorette party, but I have decided to forego asking for help paying for the shower. I don't really want to include the other bridesmaids in the planning of the shower (they are either flaky or live out of town) so I decided to suck it up and foot the bill myself. Is it tacky to make it a potluck lunch? I am definitely not a culinary whiz, and have no idea how to feed 40 people.

On the knitting front, I am almost done with section 10 of my Color On Color scarf. The knitting is fun, but it is tedious to separate all the strands of yarn before I can even begin to knit. I have decided that my goal is just to finish by fall, which will probably be the next time I can use it anyway. I'm itching to start on the Honeymoon Cami, but I made myself promise yesterday that I would finish one of the other projects I have in progress before I start. So I finished crocheting my blue purse last night. I have to just sew on the button, button loop, and handles, and then I'll be done. I should have pictures by the end of the week. All-in-all it was a fun and quick project. And just because I like to get ahead of myself, I ordered the yarn for the Zipper Sweater. However, I promised my friend that I wouldn't start to work on it until she started hers, so I think I have a few weeks to get something finished.

All right, I guess I have a few things I should finish before I get out of work today. Until later, Happy Knitting!


  • At 12:49 PM, Anonymous lisa said…

    I don't think it is tacky to make it a potluck for a bridal shower. In our family, we never get together without it being potluck, because otherwise there is no way everyone would get fed. When you do the invitations, just tell everyone what the "main dish" is (usually meat aka hamburgers & hotdogs, ribs, whatever) that your making, and have them tell what dish they're bringing when they RSVP.

    And if they don't want to do it, what kind of people are these? People who don't knit, probably. :o)


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