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Thursday, January 20, 2005

New Knitting Friends

Many closet knitters have emerged here at work. So yesterday at lunch we had a little informal knitting group. It was so much fun! We had knitters and crocheters of all levels, and even some beginners. Everyone had so much fun we are going to try to plan to get together every week.

Project Updates: I've made some progress on the Alien Scarf and am over half way done. I have to say that the reactions from all the non-knitters I know who has seen it find the illusion rather impressive, so I hope the recipient of this gift enjoys it.

I've also finished one of the fingerless mitts from Weekend Knitting for myself. It's a little small, but stretchy. I want to get to the other this weekend, and I need to make some for my hubby. He's so neglected, I haven't made anything for him yet.

I promise to get some pictures up soon. Unfortunately my computer is so slow these days, and I only have a dial up connection, so it takes me a while to get motivated to post.

Until then, happy knitting!


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