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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Pictures Yeah!!

Ok, so I think I finally go my technical issued straightened out, so here are some picutres of my finished projects for the month.

Some knitted....

Danielle's Green
This is a cool Lime Green using Lion Brand fun fur. I'm making another in white for my other little sis.

Kel's Orange
This one I made for my friend Kelly who wanted something bright to wear when she went home to Iowa for Christmas. I made it with Bernat Boa in Tweety Bird. I didn't like knitting with the yarn, but I think final product looks pretty cool.

Nicole's Green and Teresa's Red
I hate to part with these two. I used Patons Allure to make it, and they were both so soft and pretty I wanted to keep them for myself.

...and some crocheted.

Danielle's Blues
I made this one using Bernat Satin yarn. It was cheap and acrylic, but so soft and shiny. I liked it so much I'm making a second in pink for another friend.

Kat's Red
I made this one for Kat, trying to copy another scarf she saw and loved. I think I did a pretty good job, she loved it and has worn it everyday since I gave it to her.

I'm sure this will be my last post before Christmas. I've got a ton to do to get ready for Christmas Eve dinner. So to all of you out there, have a great holiday!


Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Only 4 Days to Go!!

There is only 4 days until Christmas, and it feels like the middle of summer here in So. Cal. Today it has finally cooled off to about 70-degrees, but the 80-degree weather lately makes it seem like we should be celebrating the 4th of July instead of Christmas.

The knitted gifts have been loved by everyone who has received them so far. I even have a group of friends and family who want me to teach them to knit or crochet after the holidays. I love converting my friends into Crafty Chicks!!

I still have three more presents to finish, and one that will have to wait until after Christmas, as every craft store within a 30 mile radius of my house seems to be sold out of the Spring Desert Lion Brand Landscapes yarn I need to finish a fourth project. I am about 2 inches too short on one scarf, and can't seem to find that last ball to finish. Oh well. I guess I will show the recipient the scarf she will get once the yarn is back in stock.

As for the pictures, I am still trying to get them posted. I found the USB cord for my camera (well actually the Hubby found it after I went nuts trying to look for it) but now I can't seem to upload the pictures to my server to get them online. I have an e-mail into the tech support department that hosts my other website, so I am crossing my fingers that the can help me resolve the problem.

Until then, I will have to keep on knitting. Maybe once I get it figured out, I'll be finished, and can post everything I have been working on. :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

One more Down...Four and a half to go!

Well I completed one more project last night. It was actually a crocheted scarf for my boss. I was trying to imitate a scarf she saw someone else wearing and loved.

So now I've got four more scarves and half a purse to finish. I'm feeling better about getting them all done, especially since the rest of the projects I have planned use bulky or super bulk yarn, and should knit up very quickly. I can't wait until I'm finished so I can finally knit something for myself. I just bought Stitch 'N Bitch Nation and really want to try some of the patterns in there. Sadly, every knitted item I wear is store bought because I keep giving away everything I make.

No pics yet. It dawned on me last night that I couldn't post anything because I somehow lost the USB cord to my digital camera when we moved into our new condo. I really need to look into getting a new one. I will try to get something up soon.

Guess I should get back to working!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

First Entry!!!

Yeah my first post!!! It's hard to sit a work when I know I have so much knitting left to finish before Christmas. I think I must be crazy, trying to finish so many projects in so little time, but every time I get close to finishing I think of someone else to make a scarf for.

Will post pictures soon when I have the time.

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